Endorsement of a wonderful tool: SSHFS

Chris Jones christopher.rob.jones at cern.ch
Sat May 23 00:13:44 BST 2009

>>> r sftp:.  What do I gain from sshfs?
>> It mounts the remote file system like another file system, so is
>> *completely* transparent to all applications. fish: or sftp: only  
>> work
>> from within konqueuror and certain KDE apps. Anything can use  
>> sshfs. I
>> tend to use mostly at the command line...  ;)
> I think it was obvious I understood that

Sorry, wasn't to me.

>  nevertheless, that doesn't add
> anything useful with KDE apps that handle kio slaves, but does  
> require extra
> steps.  I already use nfs and cifs mounts in some situations, but I  
> really
> prefer to avoid them if I can just use a kio slave.

kio slaves are limited to KDE apps. To me thats enough of a  
limitation. emacs is my editor of choice and it works great with sshfs  
but of course knows diddly squat about KDE.


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