Save Vista!

David Gerard dgerard at
Fri May 8 01:06:12 BST 2009

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Microsoft has said it may ditch Vista the moment Windows 7 comes out:

They've since backtracked:

- but we need to make sure they know our feelings.

Windows 7 is CASTRATED APPEASEMENT to soy latte-sipping girly-men who
wish they owned a Mac. We want a REAL operating system. An operating
system that PERSONIFIES America's INDUSTRIAL MIGHT. That makes you
feel AWE at the MAJESTY of the progress of its operation. VISTA is a
monument to everything that makes us the country we are!

Like Chrysler, like Hummer, like Edsel - "Vista" is a name that will
be remembered as the greatest operating system in Microsoft's history.

Just Say "No" To Seven -


"I fully support this initiative. My computer business employs 200
people; the best possible thing for it is to make sure Vista continues
and goes forward." - M. Shuttleworth, London

"I can't tell you how much Vista has done for my business. So many
people depend on it." - S. Jobs, Cupertino

"Vista is the one thing that will keep people seeking out and using
systems that are at the forefront of technology. It's been the best
thing for all of us." - L. Torvalds, Portland.

"I'm ... I'm touched. *sob* I didn't think anyone cared. You guys.
Developers! *sob*" - S. Ballmer, Seattle.

[based on a joke on Slashdot by CuteSteveJobs and then blogged by me
at .]

- d.

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