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> His complaints about update-manager leave me completely in the dark.
> I've used Windows update - it's practically identical.  It tells me
> (a) how many updates I have; and (b) not enough about why I'd want
> the update.  The big difference is that Windows will usually insist
> on rebooting twice.  Yeah, I hate that it required manual
> intervention to upgrade to 8.10 too (I was automatically told about
> the upgrade from 7.10 to 8.04, why not give me the option for 8.10?)
> but where did he get the idea that Windows is easier? Windows would
> have made me buy and install a new CD.

This one struck me as a bit ridiculous. My former employer was forced
to upgrade to Windows XP when the software was upgraded to use it. It
also cost him a new computer since XP would not run on the old
hardware. On the other hand, when that same software was upgraded, it
cost him again, because vista wouldn't run on the system running XP. I
don't know how that makes windows better, either.

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