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Wed Jan 14 19:29:03 GMT 2009

2009/1/14 Derek Broughton <derek at>:
> Liam Proven wrote:
>> None of us are restricted by US law. Nor are Canadians or Mexicans or
>> Uruguayans or Brazilians,
> Well, actually, according to US law - we are.  Now, whether that could ever
> be applied in practice is another matter, but the US certainly believes it
> has a right to enact and enforce laws applicable in other countries (viz,
> Omar Khadr, a Canadian _child_ arrested in Afghanistan and illegally held in
> Guantanamo).
>> all of whom are also American.
> That's an oddly (common) European viewpoint.  I don't know many Canadians
> who consider themselves in any way "American".  America (United States of)
> is a country, not two continents.  If we want to consider ourselves as
> something beyond mere nationality, we're "North American" or "South
> American", because the two continents have little in common.

You surprise me; I have been rebuked before, and seen others
reprimanded, for using "American" to mean "citizen of the USA".

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