Restricted modules in Ubuntu

steve sfreilly at
Wed Jan 14 02:06:42 GMT 2009

Scott wrote:
> Liam Proven wrote:
>> I am not American; I am not in America; I never plan to live in
>> America. Nice place for a holiday, wouldn't want to live there. Yet as
>> far as I know, I have to jump through hoops installing this stuff
>> because they can't be included by /United States/ laws. These do not
>> apply to me.
> I 100% agree.  I'm Canadian and I have the freedom to download the 
> restricted extras as I wish.  It would be best to have a (k)ubuntu with 
> the restricted extras already installed and another version for the 
> Americans and the few people that don't want it installed.
> I hate it when people complain that (k)Ubuntu, "does not even have MP3 
> support.  What kind of OS is that?".  It is one of the more difficult 
> things to defend.  I try to explain the free formats, but that does not 
> seem to help.

i doubt ubuntu would ever want to pay the licensing fee to re distribute
the mp3 codec from thompson.  and do you really want to start paying for

Steve Reilly

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