Restricted modules in Ubuntu

Liam Proven lproven at
Wed Jan 14 01:14:03 GMT 2009

And speaking of components and restricted ones, it is a real pain in
the neck to have to manually add in ubuntu-restricted-extras on *every
single Ubuntu box I install*. They are not optional if you want to use
the Web; Flash, Java and so on are pretty much mandatory. So, come to
that, are the w32codecs from the Medibuntu repository.

I am not American; I am not in America; I never plan to live in
America. Nice place for a holiday, wouldn't want to live there. Yet as
far as I know, I have to jump through hoops installing this stuff
because they can't be included by /United States/ laws. These do not
apply to me.

It's not just me.

Ubuntu was founded and funded by a South African who lives in Britain
and the company behind it is in incorporated in the Isle of Man in the
British Isles. I am fortunate enough to have met Mr Shuttleworth and a
fair few of the Ubuntu developers. Many of them, too, are European.

None of us are restricted by US law. Nor are Canadians or Mexicans or
Uruguayans or Brazilians, all of whom are also American.

But for this one country, to meet its restrictions, Ubuntu is
delivered crippled by the removal of all these essential components.

I am not some radical Stallmanite; I don't care about an
all-Free-with-a-capital-F distribution. I am pragmatic; where the Free
alternative is good enough, I'll use it. When it isn't, or if I need
something non-Free, I'll use it.

Ubuntu needs those codecs, plugins and modules.

Can we not have an uncrippled version of Ubuntu for non-USA-citizens
to download and use, without hassle overcoming US restrictions?

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