Lawrence Lessig on the Colbert Report

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   Ugh. I have a hard time listening to that stuff.

   Colbert, Stewart, SNL, all of these are the distant end of what used 
to be jornalism. Programs like this, despite being funny so rarely, have 
managed to become the shows-of-choice among Homer Simpsons who now doing 
the president-picking. And WOW did the last set of choices stink.

    More to the point, while Lessig was able to open Colbert's eyes in a 
couple of places, but it's kinda like advertising during a can-can: most 
people won't notice. Is there any chance to get him on a Punjabi 
breakfast show like GoodMorningIndia?  :>

    Seriously; he should consider serious venues where the audience 
isn't a jello-shot away from blood poisoning: try Fox News or any of the 
Talk Radio hosts. At least there he'll get a fair hearing and not have 
to wear any funny hats or be made to look stupid.  He has a valid idea; 
I hope he won't sully it with such dubious venus.

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