Sounder mailing list etiquette and future direction

Scott sclewin at
Fri Dec 4 00:51:54 GMT 2009

Really well put Michael.  I believe you speak for many unspoken people 
as well.

On 09-12-03 05:34 PM, Michael Haney wrote:
> Their attitude is completely incompatible with the tenants upon which
> Ubuntu was founded.  Ubuntu isn't a Linux distribution just for
> elitists and super-geeks.  Its a Linux distribution made for the
> Average Jane/Joe on the street who knows very little about computers,...
This is very true.  I know several people that know very little about 
computers that use, and love, Ubuntu and I must admit.  I would never 
suggest them to write to this list the way it is.

> This problem extends far beyond Sounder.  It also effects the Ubuntu
> Users Support list ubuntu-users at
Not only the ubuntu-users but also the Ubuntu Canada email list ubuntu-ca.

> There are elements
> there who have shown open disdain towards "newbies"...
I must also admit I have seen this disdain.  I myself was flamed a few 
years ago when I was a newbie.  Due to this flame on the ubuntu-users 
list I was scared to write to the list and never did for about a year. 
So, I have also seen this problem since I joined in later 2005.

Your friend,

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