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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Does this device have printer support? - Joseph

Answer- not currently I am afraid (although documents can be
transferred to your main PC for printing if required)

Q- Can I plug in digital cameras and download the pictures onto the unit? -=

Answer- Unfortunately you can't conenct the camera but you can insert
the memory card from the camera into this device instead.

Q- Is it possible to connect your Windows CE Ultra-Portable Netbook to
an external monitor/LCD TV screen? - QOL

Answer- No sorry this product does not support that.

Q- can i connect a printer to it via usb? - wayne conway

Answer- No. This item does not work with ANY usb devices other than a
keyboard and mouse.

Q- Does this netbook support flash player? - N Osborne

Answer- The unit supports flash animations but only those created for
Flash version 7 or lower currently.

Q- What is the Average Battery Life of a device like this? - Tyke

Answer- The average battery life of a mini netbook style device is
usually around 4 hours approximatly.

Q- I would consider this with a Linux-based OS offering. Is this
stocked? - Dan Dart

Answer- No, unfortunately not.

Q- Does this Netbook have Windows Messenger built in? - Greg

Answer- No sorry this product does not support that.

Q- will this product support a web cam - gary morris

Answer- No sorry this product does not support a webcam

Q- Can these computers connect to a wireless network which uses WPA /
WPA2 and TKIP / AES for security. - VJ

Answer- Yes the product does support that.

As I said, severe limitations.  Netbooks by MSI, ASUS, Acer and a
crapload of others can do all the things this one can't.

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