Debian: contempt for "end user" values has to stop!"

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Sun Aug 23 07:28:03 BST 2009

On Sat, August 22, 2009 17:59, Derek Broughton wrote:
> Amedee @ Ubuntu wrote:
>> On Thu, August 20, 2009 15:02, Derek Broughton wrote:
>>> Linux is evolutionary.  Evolution _is_ a bunch of "second-rate coders
>>> patching up every little personal gripe."
>>> A local church had a sign out front that said "If evolution were real,
>>> mothers would come with three arms".  I claim that, if anything, that
>>> was
>>> proof of evolution, because clearly, once again, evolution got it
>>> wrong.
>>> God would have got it right.
>>> Just like evolution, code (often bad) gets added, pruned and modified
>>> all
>>> the time.  The end result improves, but the methods of getting there
>>> are
>>> seldom optimal.
>> Ouch.
>> Being trained as a biology teacher (but not working in education), this
>> really hurt my eyes. What you are describing, is at best Lamarckism.
>> Darwinian evolution is a completely different beast.
> Bullshit.  Nothing is more calculated to rouse my dander than to suggest
> I'm
> ignorant.  I'm quite aware of the differences between Lamarckism and
> Darwinism. While I didn't claim it was either one, can you, as a
> biologist,
> really argue that genes are not "added, pruned and modified"?  Natural
> selection cannot begin to occur unless there is a means of mutation that
> provides differences from which the selection can be made.
> The evolution of free software _is_ very much Darwinian.  Code is changed
> (mutated) and the good changes are accepted, the bad ones aren't.  When
> some
> groups find one set of code useful, and others prefer a different set of
> code, we get a fork (speciation).

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