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Op vrijdag 31-07-2009 om 01:17 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Liam
> Gaelic peoples and Celtic peoples are just 2 branches of the same
> thing, pretty much. There may have been pre-Celtic people in Britain
> before the Celts came, but it's hard to trace culture from what little
> prehistoric relics are left.
> I think it would be fair to describe the Picts in Scotland and the
> Welsh in Wales as 2 relics of the original Celtic population of
> Britain,

Certainly not: the "picts" were the original[*], pre-celtic (=
pre-gaelic) inhabitants of Britain.  Consider this: picts were mostly
black-haired, while celts were often red haired & dark blondes, etc.

And obviously there is some pre-celtic culture left in parts of Scotland
& Ireland.

[*] "original" as in "I don't know about previous civilisations".

Jan Claeys

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