Top-level question

Brian Fahrlander wheeldweller at
Thu Apr 23 04:34:03 BST 2009

    This isn't meant to be a down-in-the-details question...just high 
level discussion of what people have tried, what they liked, and what 
works best for them, in their own situation.

    I have, a trailer with onboard computers. It 
has media I want to share, carefully:

    Movies, a collection of .avi's
    Music, the usual mp3's and oggs.
    I'm hesitant to embrace Samba, since it smells of Windows and that 
rhymes with break-in.

    I've been messing with WebDav, since it's kinda secure and Nautilus 
(is supposed to) use it like mounting another disk someplace (but it's 

    I'm using a firewall; it's not UFW yet, but instead someone's 
handwritten script, since I need to route for any machines inside, as 
well as being a desktop.  NFS (v3) is all I'm used to, and I've had 
trouble getting it through the firewall, safely.

    1. Does anyone else have such a situation?

    2. What have people here tried, and _liked_?

    3. Is everyone happy with UFW, anyway?

(signature MIA; just moved to a new machine...)

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