Microsoft snatches publicity crown from Ubuntu Linux

David Gerard dgerard at
Thu Apr 23 02:14:32 BST 2009

2009/4/23 Steve Reilly <sfreilly at>:
> David Gerard wrote:

>> The Yahoo! deal is expected to go ahead. “We figure they’ll go broke
>> before we do. Probably.” Mr Ballmer also plans to run the Yahoo!
>> servers on Windows NT rather than FreeBSD

> uh oh soon will be time to dump my yahoo account ive had since its
> inception.... im not into error messages "please wait a moment for your
> mail while our NT server farms are rebooting"

I started my IT career in dialup tech support at an ISP that had not
only had the shittiest dial-in modem banks (some Bay Networks *utter
shit*) but actually ran all its systems on NT. Microsoft basically
fucked them over completely - charged them hundreds of thousands of
dollars a year for consultants who *still* couldn't get it all to work
properly. The mail server was rebooted every Monday morning at 3am. We
regularly won awards for best customer service ... because we *needed*
to be brilliant to make that stuff work.

- d.

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