Apple Watch - Enterprises Chucking Windows Choose Macintosh?

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Tue Apr 14 10:35:56 BST 2009

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> Op maandag 13-04-2009 om 10:01 uur [tijdzone -0500], schreef Brian
> Fahrlander:
>> Jason Taylor wrote:
>> > "About 14 percent of enterprises already are switching to another

>> > operating system*27 percent of this number to Macintosh and 25
>> > to Ubuntu."
>> >
>> > 

> ws_choose_macintosh.html
>> >
>> > of cause stats are stats are stats
>>     Well, Linux has a couple of disadvantages:
>>     1. Preload. Most people will buy whatever comes on the machine.

>> People don't expect a fish patty on a Whopper.
> An enterprise IT department that uses the default OS pre-install
> comes on a PC?  I don't think many do that...

Most large enterprises (and even some smaller ones) will have their
supplier preload their PCs with the enterprise's image. It would make
little difference to the logistics whether the OS was Windows or Linux.
Of course, Linux is much easier to lock down than Windows.

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