Apple Watch - Enterprises Chucking Windows Choose Macintosh?

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Mon Apr 13 22:11:48 BST 2009

Op maandag 13-04-2009 om 10:01 uur [tijdzone -0500], schreef Brian
> Jason Taylor wrote:
> > "About 14 percent of enterprises already are switching to another 
> > operating system—27 percent of this number to Macintosh and 25 percent 
> > to Ubuntu."
> >
> >
> >
> > of cause stats are stats are stats

>     Well, Linux has a couple of disadvantages:
>     1. Preload. Most people will buy whatever comes on the machine. 
> People don't expect a fish patty on a Whopper.

An enterprise IT department that uses the default OS pre-install that
comes on a PC?  I don't think many do that...

>     2. No advertising. It's startling how a project of millions of 
> people, working on a piece of software for about 20 years has managed to 
> keep a lid on it. But Microsoft and Apple have ads; we don't. There's 
> probably no resolution to that.

We have free adds, like the blog post above, magazine articles,
newspaper articles, cameos in TV programmes & movies, etc.

(Of course MS & Apple get those too, but nobody will wonder who
Microsoft or Apple are...)

Jan Claeys

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