Tracking Cookies on Ubuntu

Jan Claeys lists at
Wed Apr 1 01:10:31 BST 2009

Op zondag 29-03-2009 om 19:14 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Sense
> The greatest part of the result list of programs like Spybot S&D
> consists of tracking cookies. So on Windows you can track them down
> and remove them. In Ubuntu however, there is no such program available
> and the tracking cookies keep living happily in your browser for
> eternity if you visit the right website often enough.
> Should Ubuntu provide an application, possibly integrated with
> Computer Janitor, that checks for such things?  [...]

The problem is: who's going to maintain a list of which cookies are
tracking cookies?  Also remember that a complete list would include
google cookies & maybe even launchpad cookies...

Jan Claeys

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