The Toaster in India

John Levin john at
Fri Sep 5 15:52:42 BST 2008

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: And you thought only colas and crispies can be had 
from a vending machine? How about one that has on its ‘menu’ such things 
as ‘Ubuntu’ and ‘Fedora’? Well, that is just the kind of gizmo that you 
may spot if you drop by the Park Centre at Technopark these days.

Named Freedom Toaster, this machine promises to set you ‘free’ from 
proprietary software and paraphernalia such as licences. All you have to 
do at the Toaster is to insert a CD in a slot and press the right 
buttons. The Toaster will then ‘burn’ your choice on to the CD free.

(Curiously, it doesn't mention Canonical or The Shuttleworth Foundation)


John Levin

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