I used to be a Windows man.

jacques jacques.dupreez at online.de
Sun Oct 19 20:29:28 BST 2008

Hi, I have just joined this mailing list. I thought it appropriate to 
introduce myself. My name is Jacques and I live in Germany. I am 
relatively new to Linux but learning more every day. On the Ubuntu 
Forums I post as "germanix".
By way of introduction here is a little poem that I wrote regarding Linux:

_*I used to be a Windows man.*_

I used to be a Windows man, living a life of fear.

A virus could hit at any time,

o dear, o dear, o dear.

Now I am a Linux man, no longer on a leash.

No viruses at any time,

I can now surf in peace.

I used to pay a lot of cash, for Excel, Word and co.

But now with Calc and Write and such,

Open Office is the way I go.

No Vista, XP, OSX, Ubuntu is all I need.

I am no longer a Windows man,

for now I am a “Geek”.


hope you enjoy it.

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