funny dell ad

Gilles Gravier gilles at
Fri Nov 21 08:57:54 GMT 2008

The sad part is that the add says that the machine ships with Ubuntu
(albeit with incorrect spelling) but the top right of the add says "Dell
recommends Windows for every day computing". Do these guys KNOW WHAT


David Vincent wrote:
> I got the new Dell flier today and they seem to have typo'd the Ubuntu
> ad.  Check it out here:
> On this same page (I've only scanned the top half) is another Dell Mini
> also powered by Ubuntu 8.04 (not Unbuntu this time.)  I find it
> suspicious/annoying/a reality check that on the top of the page they
> also have the tagline "Dell recommends Windows for everyday computing."
> I have to disagree with them there.

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