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David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Wed May 21 10:24:40 BST 2008

2008/5/21 Jan Claeys <lists at janc.be>:
> Op zaterdag 10-05-2008 om 22:02 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef David
>  Gerard:

>  > [...] mostly Linux is behind Windows XP on any given laptop. Pity :-)

>  Linux *can* often do better than Windows, it's just that it mostly
>  doesn't work automaticly (which is what counts for most people).

I was still particularly pleased that doing the exact same things
(Firefox 3, MP3 playing), the same hardware ran significantly longer
on Kubuntu 8.04 than XPsp2. Three hours versus two is a BIG WIN! I
personally suspect the antivirus (McAfee) is a major culprit on the
Windows side, but an AV in Windows really isn't optional and I think
it's fair to consider it part of the baseline.

Open source applications running well on Windows is actually a big win
for free software - (a) it means swapping the OS out from underneath
is less painful to the user than e.g. XP to Vista (b) it means you
really can compare thoroughly different OSes in a meaningful manner.
(And (c) it gives users, the people the freedom in free software is
for, access to lots of good and useful apps that are variable-quality
closed-source freeware or shareware on Windows or Mac.)

I was somewhat annoyed that Google Desktop was basically unusable on
the laptop - not only is desktop search indexing a major power sucker,
Google Desktop interacted very badly with McAfee to the point where
the AV would run one CPU flat-out and the system was actually unusably
slow. But Google Desktop is notorious for that sort of problem. (I
find it fantastically useful for indexing Outlook, as Outlook's
dreadful search is part of what makes it a mediocre to bad email
client. At least it's halfway usable for arranging meetings.)

Watching Powertop is interesting. I didn't realise just what a
powersucker Bluetooth is. I'm sure I could save even more power using
an Ethernet cable instead of the wifi, but that sorta spoils the
untethered aspect of using the laptop ;-)

I thought it was significant enough to warrant mention in Ubuntu
Weekly News, despite the Internet sex change ...

- d.

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