Go green: go Ubuntu.

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Sat May 10 19:33:33 BST 2008

I made an LJ post and the phrase "Go green: go Ubuntu" just occurred to me.

http://reddragdiva.livejournal.com/473413.html - text is:

My work laptop (HP Compaq 6710b, 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo, 1GB memory)
already gets three hours in Ubuntu Hardy versus two hours in Windows
XP doing the same things (mostly Firefox 3). Mostly from ticklessness,
I think. Others have noticed that Hardy (kernel 2.6.24) uses
noticeably less power than even Gutsy (2.6.22).

(There's a "Windows Vista Basic" label on the laptop. I shudder to
think how hot that would run. When it's on XP the ventilation port
blows like a hairdryer.)

Powertop helps you use even less. It shows precisely what's sending
your CPU into a high-power state, and makes helpful suggestions for
simple stuff to use less power. ("Press B to switch off Bluetooth.") I
should be able to manage 3½ hours easily.

I believe Powertop is in the default installation of Hardy. If not,
enter sudo apt-get install powertop from the command line. Then run it
with sudo powertop and glance at it every now and then while you're on

Even if you can't do anything useful with the results (it's really a
programmer's tool), it's good for bragging matches with Winders
devotees. GO GREEN — GO UBUNTU. Windows' carbon footprint is

- d.

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