How do GNOME improvments get "approved"?

Scott (angrykeyboarder) geekboy at
Thu Mar 27 05:05:50 GMT 2008

Say for example..

1.I'm a propeller-head kinda guy and I've written some GTK apps in the 

2. I come up with with something that I think will be a good feature for 
the next version of GNOME.

3. I write the application & release the source code under the GPL.

4. The powers that be in GNOME looked upon the code saw that it was good.

5. It becomes a new feature in the next version in GNOME.

5. I remain the app's sole maintainer/bug fixer (till the time that 
somebody else decides they want to contribute to it also).


Who says that I can be it's sole developer once it's officially part of 
the overall much bigger project known as GNOME (this does in fact occur 
for those who aren't aware. Keep in mind I'm going it alone because 
nobody else is chipping in to help out at this point)?

Nevertheless it's part of GNOME. Who do I answer to?

I certainly just can't say "I'm gonna add this to GNOME regardless of how 
anybody else feels about it". Or can I?

BTW, this would be an "official" part of GNOME (as official as say gedit 
or gnome-appearance-properties).


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