Link: Yahoo caught censoring Open Sauce

Scott (angrykeyboarder) geekboy at
Thu Jan 31 13:30:27 GMT 2008

Jan Claeys spake thusly:
> Op vrijdag 25-01-2008 om 09:10 uur [tijdzone -0500], schreef Vadim
> Peretokin:
>> That's old news. On the other hand, they did open a full-time position
>> for a developer to work on Firebug (open source project).
>> So I don't think that incident can be said to speak of their company
>> policy :/
> They also sponsor FreeBSD and other open source projects...

I knew (most of) Yahoo! ran on FreeBSD. I didn't realize they also were 
a sponsor of it.

> I guess that they are like most big companies where division A doesn't
> know what division B does, and in many cases they even hurt each other's
> actions & intentions...  :-P

I just wish they would update the  Linux version of Yahoo! Messenger to 
be equal to the current Windows version in features. Pidgin/Kopete are 
nice but they simply don't offer all the features that the native 
clients do.

I've never used an OS I didn't (dis)like.
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