Following the RFC (was Re: Linus Torvalds says Linux kernel will remain GPL v2)

Daniel Pittman daniel at
Sat Jan 19 06:30:36 GMT 2008

"Dylan McCall" <dylanmccall at> writes:

> Well, you'll never see me posting shortened URLs.
> ...or following the RFC, for that matter. 

You might want to follow the MUST part of the RFC, since a wide range of
mail servers that /are/ standards compliant will reject or otherwise
mangle your email on the way through.

> In my opinion, the job of making long lines look nice should be
> handled by the viewer (the mail program in this case) and only the
> viewer. 

Your opinion is nice and all, but if you don't follow the specification
then you can't expect to communicate reliably with others.

If that doesn't matter to you then, heck, why are you bothering to write
the message in the first place, eh?

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