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Sat Oct 13 01:22:58 BST 2007

Op vrijdag 12-10-2007 om 08:45 uur [tijdzone +0300], schreef Janne
> Okay, this is weird. I figured that since the extension from the Mozilla
> add-on pages doesn't work for x86_64 architecture, maybe I can find a
> working one someplace else. And I did, from

Why not use the one in the Ubuntu repositories?

> Installed that one, and thought maybe ReplyToList works now. It doesn't.
> Thought I'd report it here, so proceed on the normal way of responding to
> ubuntu mailing lists, so I hit Ctrl+R...
> And what do I see in To: field? "sounder at"
> I'm.... stumped.
> A quick run-around on posts from other ubuntu-related lists shows me that
> Ctrl+R works for ubuntu-users, and sounder, but doesn't work for
> ubuntu-devel-discuss, bazaar or an un-related (well closely, anyway) storm
> mailing lists, all of which honour the List-Post: field correctly.
> Has T-bird gone mad?

No idea, but it sounds weird indeed.  :)

Jan Claeys

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