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Brian Fahrlander brian at
Sun Oct 7 05:46:45 BST 2007

     Microsoft sees the marketplace for a limited-performance machine 
and a service. Just for email, document prep, browsing, media playing, 
the simple stuff; they call it WebTV. Linux can do SO much more than that.

     So how about us?  Tonight I'm suggesting a "local expert' idea 
where each serves up to 1,000 residential PCs.

     Here's the details:

     $50 to start, several hours of training
     $20/month for free tech support, by wire
     $10/month for each home directory to be backed up, online

     Every referral signed up provides a month's free service to the 
customer. Online tech support is free, on-site is $30/hour.

     Since it's Linux, there won't be much to do (compared to Windows).

     But here's the thing: each consultant grooms his own field of 
customers, and we all meet up at Canonical through a mailing list to 
trade ideas and discuss strategies. In this way, we can bring Linux to 
every corner of the world, even a low-tech, backward place like 
Evansville, Indiana. (Population 300,000.)


     Your thoughts?
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