Jonathan Carter jonathan at
Mon Oct 1 10:13:12 BST 2007

Hi Scott

Scott (angrykeyboarder) wrote:
> One of the least popular colors in the rainbow (oh wait, it's not even
> there) is back?
> I thought that had *finally* been killed off a year ago.
> 'm referring to the default background (wallpaper) in Gutsy in case
> anyone doesn't know what this is about.
> Suppose you polled a random group of say 500 people and asked them what
> they thought of the color brown, what do you suppose they might say?
> I can see the tech press saying the same thing next month...
> Oh well...
> On the other hand, the new default theme in Kubuntu is gorgeous.  Yes,
> it's blue but, "It's not your father's blue". :)

I hated the brown initially. So much, in fact, that the first thing I 
did when installing Warty initially was change the colour scheme to 
blue, even before install openssh-server ;)

Over the years, it has really grown on me. And somehow it just feels 
right. I'm even in the process of turning my own blog into an Ubuntu 
themed one:


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