Very Secure File Storage

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Fri Nov 30 04:13:43 GMT 2007

Op donderdag 29-11-2007 om 05:35 uur [tijdzone -0500], schreef Jeffrey
F. Bloss:
> I try to use passwords/phrases that are equal in strength or stronger
> than the underlying encryption for "mission critical" applications,
> which means I'm memorizing upwards of 60 random characters at times.
> The Truecrypt thing is sort of a compromise between a perfect world
> where I could remember 75 to 100 random passwords, and the practical

Well, one of the strong passphrases I memorise is for the programme I
use for storing all my (random-generated) web/db/mail/etc.
passwords.  ;)

> world where age and Jack Daniels sometimes have a say in things. ;)

I prefer scotch (e.g. Laphroaig) to damage my brain.  :P

Jan Claeys

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