Linux desktop lacks innovation

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> Not sure if folks hereabouts saw this. I had hoped for more
> constructive comment and criticism than I got. Even the legal eagles
> at Groklaw missed my point and dismissed it as a troll.
> Sundae Supplement
> Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it
> Extract:
> Executive summary for the terminally impatient
> Microsoft is complaining that "the Linux desktop including OpenOffice"
> infringes some 235 Microsoft patents. An objective comparison between
> the whole Linux desktop and Microsoft's Windows desktop shows that it
> has a good point; there are many resemblances, from trivial to
> profound. However, there are plentiful other non-Windows-like models
> of desktop to follow instead. At least two are already there:
> implemented, working and ready to use, complete with accessories. Two
> complete Free, open source desktops, radically different from anything
> Microsoft has patented. They're just not being used by any
> distributions.

In the current situation, every Linux distribution seems to copy each other.
Nothing is really original. Nothing stands out from the rest.
No distribution wants to take risks anymore, go against the grain or

If "monopoly kills innovation", this is a different story, where "open
source kills innovation".

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