Operating system vulnerability summary, featuring Ubuntu

Jonathan Carter jonathan at ubuntu.com
Fri Mar 30 08:29:26 BST 2007

Hi Ubunteros


The above article compares security in different popular operating 
systems. What's interesting to not is, that Linux has only 1% less 
market share than MacOS. They also do a quick evaluation on Ubuntu, and 
the conclusion is in favor of of Unix/Linux:

As far as "straight-out-of-box" conditions go, both Microsoft's Windows 
and Apple's OS X are ripe with remotely accessible vulnerabilities. Even 
before enabling the servers, Windows based machines contain numerous 
exploitable holes allowing attackers to not only access the system but 
also execute arbitrary code. Both OS X and Windows were susceptible to 
additional vulnerabilities after enabling the built-in services. Once 
patched, however, both companies support a product that is secure, at 
least from the outside. The UNIX and Linux variants present a much more 
robust exterior to the outside. Even when the pre-configured server 
binaries are enabled, each system generally maintained its integrity 
against remote attacks. Compared with the Microsoft and Apple products, 
however, UNIX and Linux systems tend to have a higher learning curve for 
acceptance as desktop platforms.


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