[Security] Nearly had heart attack ! :-O

Alex Mauer hawke at hawkesnest.net
Thu Mar 15 19:22:04 GMT 2007

Vincent Trouilliez wrote:

> Here it is. I hope the formatting survives and that it doesn't look
> garbled when you received it...

Looked good here.
> Port 668 doesn't say MeComm here, but rather: "4305/rpc.mountd"
> maybe "rpc" stands for "Remote Protocol something" ? Maybe it is used
> by the remote desktop functionality then, precisely what caused my heart attack ! ;-)

RPC stands for Remote Procedure Call.
> Ah, so if we do it manually from the output I pasted above, that means we can 
> remove 4 of them from the list.. that's still a lot of stuff remaining, no ?
> Maybe that's because in the past I played with the remote desktop, and also,
> I played with sharing files with SMB and NFS (never quite worked though !), 

rpc.mountd is used by NFS, so was probably enabled by your playing with
file sharing.  Same for the rpc.statd.  They get a (semi-)random port so
that's why it is not listed as being associated with NFS.  All the
nmbd's as well as the smbd are part of samba.

On a completely unrelated note, that's one thing I really miss after
playing with Fedora once: NFS automount working straight "out of the box".

-Alex Mauer "hawke"

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