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Sun Mar 11 06:36:31 GMT 2007

So, my students are beginning to show an interest in Linux, seeing as
how I run it on the laptop I teach from.  As a result several of them
have downloaded and tried Ubuntu and several more are expressing
interest.  I'd like to foster this interest further as I lead them away
from the dark, desolate world of Java and ASP.NET.  As a result I'd like
to set up an Ubuntu User's Group.

I've fired off an order to shipit for 300 Ubuntu CDs for my classes so I
can give them something tangible to start with.  After that....  Well,
not being user group material, I'm not actually sure what a user group
does.  Can anybody provide suggestions (or pointers to suggestions) for
activities and such that I could put my students through to pique
interest in Ubuntu (and the broader world of Linux/FOSS)?  Some points
to consider:

      * university students studying software (Wuhan University
        International Software School)
      * I want to lead them away from the cloying world of Microsoft
        that dominates this country
      * these students aren't computer-newbies, but they are almost
        universally UNIX-alike newbies
      * most of them are 19-21 years old, but young for their age
        (typical of Chinese students)

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