Firefox Dilemma

Conrad Knauer atheoi at
Thu Mar 8 23:04:14 GMT 2007

FYI to anyone interested, there's a feature specification that "needs
guidance" on


On 3/8/07, Pavel Rojtberg <pavel at> wrote:
> Vincent Trouilliez schrieb:
> > Since this situation is unlikely to change anytime soon (since FF is
> > getting increasingly popular on Windows), and since it's so easy to
> > install Epiphany
> Id just like to point out again that Ubuntu is still _depending_ on firefox.
> Id rather like to see it using xulrunner, so one could install epiphany
> without firefox or just use Opera without losing yelp.
> Pavel
> (if there is already a bugreport about that please point me to it)
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