Firefox Dilemma

Harold hrsawyer at
Thu Mar 8 20:32:09 GMT 2007

Personally, I like Mozilla better than Firefox. It seems to give me a 
better feel. Closer to what I was used to with Netscape.


?Harold Sawyer

Joel Bryan Juliano wrote:
> Firefox had been the default web browsers for most of the Linux distributions.
> Now, Farsight Linux decided to switch to Epiphany as their default
> browser, and alot of people couldn't agree more.
> >From time to time, a particular software must be in-parallel with it's
> environment, libraries and technologies, however, if those software
> cannot sync with the changes, then those applications must become
> obsolete.
> For Firefox, the situation is simple, most of the applications that
> had been written for Gnome doesn't support Firefox.
> One very strong reason is "Gconf", almost all Gnome's native
> application has a gconf configurable option, which Firefox, the
> default web-browser for Gnome doesn't have.
> Of course, somebody will write gconf schemas for Firefox, makes
> Firefox better integrated with Gnome, but does this make Firefox a
> better application? does this makes sense, since Epiphany has got all
> of those in the first-place?
> It's easier to say, they are all the same, I can check my e-mail and
> browse websites.
> But who is the Ford Model-T engine and who is the Aeroford engine?
> There is a saying that "Monopoly kills innovation", and with every
> Linux distribution that shipped Firefox, it's not hard to prove this
> theory correct. Yes will be another Beagle, Seahorse and Pessulus, and
> people are going to install it, but ask, are we getting all the
> innovation?

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