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Tommy Trussell tommy.trussell at
Mon Mar 5 13:08:26 GMT 2007

On 3/4/07, Joel Bryan Juliano <joelbryan.juliano at> wrote:
> Sadly, "Support" keyword on Google returns a Microsoft website
> Then, "Linux Support" returns RedHat,
> Dissatisfied? Help Google improve.
> IMHO Ubuntu should have a share in the pagerank for "Support" and " Linux
> Support", since majority of Linux users are Ubuntu users and Ubuntu ranks #3
> for the keyword "Linux" which doesn't quite match, really.
> Some Helpful Links:

I think is exactly the purpose of Ubuntu "branding." Canonical has
been very good about applying the Ubuntu keyword to everything, so you
get immediately to the right place when you type "ubuntu support" in

Just now, when I searched for "linux support" I saw quite a few paid
advertisements (at the top and down the right side), then the first
apparent non-paid result is what looks like a commercial site called
Mark's Room, which claims to offer support for all distributions.
(although it came up very slowly here so I haven't looked at it much.)
In my opinion, this is pretty much what you should expect if you did a
search for linux without specifying the distro. After all, my friends
who like Gentoo might disagree that Ubuntu should top the list!

As the next person in the thread mentioned, you might be able to
improve Ubuntu's position by creating your own pages that link where
you expect. HOWEVER, your pages must also contain useful content that
people might follow.... otherwise they would be no better than the
spam links that fill up the comments of peoples' blogs, and would be
rightfully ignored.

Good luck in your campaign!

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