Mr. Shuttleworth gets quote mined (and probably should blog to clear this up)

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Jun 21 14:33:07 BST 2007

W. Scott Lockwood III wrote:

> Particularly since someone (Derek?) complained that the other list wasn?t
> a place for that kind of general chat, but said that sounder was?.

Actually, it wasn't a complaint.  I'm happy with discussion anywhere, but I
lost that battle ages ago.  I just set the followups to sounder (and I
don't have a clue how well that works with the news -> email gateway).

> And is now complaining about it. On Sounder. J
What I'm complaining about is people NOT keeping the responses on sounder. 
I find it annoying that people can't be bothered to make sure their
responses go to the list and not to me personally.  I find it _really_
annoying, when somebody then CCs me when they aren't even responding to me.
That's just plain spam.  But never mind, I won't be bothered again, because
I'm just quietly dropping mail that's Ubuntu related (I'd really bounce it,
but it would probably end up back on the list, which you guys would find
more annoying than I find getting it in the first place).

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