"Badbunny" worm hops across operating systems

David Gerard dgerard at
Thu Jun 21 08:45:01 BST 2007

On 20/06/07, Scott (angrykeyboarder) <geekboy at> wrote:

> Speaking of poor security. I was beyond shocked when I tried out Solaris
> (Solaris 10) a few days ago.
> Not only do you start off with just a root account, you don't even have
> a root home directory (i.e. "/root").
> Once your desktop appears, (and you open a terminal) you will find you
> are at "/". You then have to create the root user directory (e.g.
> "/root" - which I didn't find out till I'd done all kinds of stuff that
> I assume created "junk" hidden sub directories under "/". I've not gone
> back to it as of yet - I installed Solaris in a VM).  It was bad enough
> that Solaris doesn't make you create a user account at setup, but the
> fact that the root user account initially begins at "/" with no warning
> (unless I missed something) is absurd to say the least.
> Considering how much Sun has bragged about how wonderful Solaris
> supposedly is, I was quite surprised by this, to say the least...

To be fair, Solaris isn't really meant for users at all - just try
doing anything at the command line and you'll see what I mean. Its
audience is sysadmins running servers, and it's a damn fine server OS.
So anyone who is installing and setting up a Solaris box will be
expected to know enough not to shoot their foot off. Solaris is just
about *never* plonked down in front of a nontechnical owner-user the
way Windows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu are.

- d.

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