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Wed Jan 10 20:24:04 GMT 2007

environment, libraries and technologies, however, if those software
cannot sync with the changes, then those applications must become

For Firefox, the situation is simple, most of the applications that
had been written for Gnome doesn't support Firefox.

One very strong reason is "Gconf", almost all Gnome's native
application has a gconf configurable option, which Firefox, the
default web-browser for Gnome doesn't have.

Of course, somebody will write gconf schemas for Firefox, makes
Firefox better integrated with Gnome, but does this make Firefox a
better application? does this makes sense, since Epiphany has got all
of those in the first-place?

It's easier to say, they are all the same, I can check my e-mail and
browse websites.
But who is the Ford Model-T engine and who is the Aeroford engine?

There is a saying that "Monopoly kills innovation", and with every
Linux distribution that shipped Firefox, it's not hard to prove this
theory correct. Yes will be another Beagle, Seahorse and Pessulus, and
people are going to install it, but ask, are we getting all the

Stay away from Piracy, use Open Source.

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