Startup Sound: Vista versus Ubuntu

Ian vern at
Wed Jan 31 11:06:44 GMT 2007

talking about Vista sounds:

I read that vista will support commands as they are spoken by the user.What about websites where
the browser is playing wav or similar audio files upon visiting? what if they contain spoken
commands? An exploit audio file which speaks something like 'open shell' would be cool, eh?
I can see it now; all you need is one 0wned host every few feet and you can bark commands to all
the others within earshot.
Here's £500 for the first documented case of someone using a pay phone in an airport to page
Mr Shootdown, Reese Sett, Sleep Now, or whatever and blanking all the laptops in the depature
lounge.  An extra £500 if it's at Washington DC Airport...
> Jan Vancura spake thusly on 1/20/2007 5:10 AM:
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>> Eric Dunbar wrote:
>>> It's quite ugly -- at least the one recording I heard of it on the web.
>>> They spent that much money making something that doesn't even sound good?
>>> Of course, I'm not fond of the Ubuntu one either (waaaaaaaaaaaaay too
>>> long).
>> I looove the Ubuntu startup sound :) In fact, I was trying to getmyself
>> the older, longer version, without success, though.
> I was VERY disappointed when they killed that...
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