does Ubuntu get the enterprise?

Matthew East mdke at
Thu Jan 25 11:02:26 GMT 2007

There hasn't been much discussion on this list of late, so maybe this will
kick off something constructive and interesting.

The basis argument seems to be that Mark's free as in beer policy for
Ubuntu undermines its potential for enterprise use, as opposed to the
model that SUSE and Red Hat have set up.

Personally, I think it's nonsense. I don't feel safer with software if I
have to pay for it or not, what's important to me is the reputation of the
software, its stability and security history. Ubuntu is gradually building
that up well. Yes, I'll be more secure if and when Canonical starts
building up its financial success, because I know that will have good
effects on Ubuntu, but I won't care about their business model, if it

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