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Sun Jan 7 12:40:37 GMT 2007

--- Daniel Robitaille <robitaille at> skrev:

> Not sure if that site is a new thing, or it has been
> around for a
> while, but I had never heard of that web site until
> tonight.  At first
> glance it looks pretty good, and they seem to push
> first
> Ubuntu/Kubuntu, followed by Fedora.

Considering that a stock Fedora 5 install had a bug in
its custom kernel wich prevented people from using the
cursed Nividia drivers, and that a stock FC 6 install
has a weird bug who force at least me into logging
into a Command Line Interface, I'd hesitate a little
bit about calling Fedora userfriendly. From my point
of view, it havent been so with any rpm based distro
I've tried, but I guess that is why K/X/Ubuntu and
others debian based distros have been so popular
lately. Wiping out Ubuntu has always made me regret it

Anyway, I think the site should have explained better
the difference between KDE and Gnome, instead of just
saying KDE is "graphics and customization". Otherwise
it seems ok.

Anders Larsen

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