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Conrad Knauer wrote:
> On 1/7/07, Daniel Robitaille <robitaille at> wrote:
>> Not sure if that site is a new thing, or it has been around for a
>> while, but I had never heard of that web site until tonight.
> Their oldest forum entry is from July 25, 2006 and their whois entry
> says the domain was "created on" April 24, 2006 so I'm thinking new :)
> CK

That page is very well designed and written. Kudos to the authors.

Now, where is Ubuntu's version? Why don't we have anything similar?

I originally planned something along the lines with , but the plan there
has changed (along the recommendations of some Ubuntuers). However, once
what evolved from SU ( is the prototype), if nothing of
this sort is done yet, I'll turn to working on it.

It would be best if integrated in some way with, although I'm
not yet sure how this would be achieved.

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