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Mon Jan 1 18:26:39 GMT 2007

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* Derek Broughton:
> Matthew East wrote:
>> Guys, you are simply picking at semantics now. We all know that GNU was
>> an important part of the development of Linux as the base for
>> distributions. Jeff already pointed out that Linus is fully recognisant
>> of this. Let's leave it at that!
> Man I REALLY hate it when people try to stifle discussion.  Especially mine. 
> We're debating whether or not Linux is an OS.  If you don't care, ignore
> it.  

Unfortunately, in order to find out that it would have been worth
ignoring a post, you have to read it. Catch 22. That's why generally
it's better if people posting to a list about something ask themselves
(by reference to the topic and general archive of the list) whether
their post is going to interest the majority of users.

I don't know for sure whether this does or not, but my view is that when
you get into a semantic part of the discussion rather than a substantive
part, it's less likely to interest this particular list.

I should probably note that in the first place, my post wasn't intended
to stifle discussion at all, but simply to point out that the difference
between you was simply a question of language, rather than substance
(and yes, there is a difference).

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