"Revolution OS" (The Movie).

Scott geekboy at angrykeyboarder.com
Mon Jan 1 01:28:48 GMT 2007

Mario Vukelic spake thusly on 12/26/2006 03:59 AM:
> On Mon, 2006-12-25 at 22:47 -0700, Scott wrote: 
>>> The movie is called "Revolution OS". Linux is not an OS.
>> I *knew* someone would respond with that.  Well guess what? I'm willing to
>> bet the director/producer/whomever had "The Linux OS" in mind when they
>> came up with that title.
> I made that comment because your comments about RMS piss me off. Without
> him you would not write those postings on an OS using the Linux kernel
> (gmane.org), but on BSD, Windows, or a commercial Unix, so quit whining
> because RMS does not conform to your wishes. 

Personally *BSD is very attractive to me. Were it not for Linux it might 
be more viable on the desktop than it is now.

And I'm rather fond of this quote:

	"Linux people do what they do because they hate Microsoft. We do what 
we do because we love Unix,"
		- Theo De Raadt, founder and leader, OpenBSD Project.

You've totally misinterpreted what I've said about RMS and twisted into 
something more sinister.

I've pointed out (at least twice now), that RMS is a genius. And he gets 
my respect for that. And I'm aware of his great contributions and I'm 
grateful for them.

But my initial point was, that if he expects *non fanboys* to take him 
seriously, he needs to work on coming across as bit more "normal" and 

There are some great "seemingly" normal professionals in the Linux 
world. Two that come immediately to my mind are Linus Torvalds and Mark 

I'll bet neither of them has been spotted in front of a bowl of soup, 
pulling out strands of their hair, dropping it into said bowl and then 
eating the soup....

Just a hunch, but I could be wrong....

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