In the news: Eric S. Raymond shifts to Ubuntu

Michael T. Richter ttmrichter at
Thu Feb 22 07:04:57 GMT 2007

On Thu, 2007-22-02 at 17:53 +1100, Peter Garrett wrote:

> > Would the Stallmanites please identify themselves with a show of hands?
> > My killfile is feeling lonely here.

> I think it's a bit more nuancé than you make it sound :)

There are no subtle nuances to this tripe:

        >>> Ubuntu. "An African word meaning Humanity to others"
        >>> .... even for the person who just said African-Americans are
        responsible for 50% of the crimes in the US because they have
        mostly low IQ ....

This is character assassination, pure and simple.

> There is a spectrum within the "community" from the extreme hard-line
> "Freedom" end to the extreme pragmatist  "as long as it works" end.

And guess which end the character assassination comes from in this

> Both Stallman and ESR have, at various times, made valid points, in my
> view: - but there is much in both men's opinions and views with which I
> disagree. That does not negate their contributions, even if some of their
> statements set my teeth on edge ;)

Agreed.  In both cases.  Stallman and ESR both have made such
dunder-headed public statements or taken such dunder-headed public
actions that I can only do the "laugh so I don't cry" routine.

Were Stallman to join the Ubuntu community, however, despite my personal
distaste for the man, I would not be "greeting" him with his more...
um... questionable statements or actions.

The request still stands: would the Stallmanistas (or perhaps just
Stallmanists?) please give a show of hands?  I need to exercise the
killfile.  It has been neglected for months.

Michael T. Richter <ttmrichter at>
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more lawyers at their beck and call than they do brain cells.
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