New Programs for Hardy?

Matthew East mdke at
Fri Dec 7 15:32:59 GMT 2007


On 28/11/2007, Colin Watson <cjwatson at> wrote:
> We are always looking for more ways to reduce CD size so that we can fit
> more things on the CD
> The Windows FOSS has already been pared down many times, and I think is
> probably now near its minimum.

I agree that the Windows FOSS section can't get any smaller. However,
just to throw the idea out there, how about getting rid of it
entirely? At the moment it only carries Firefox and Thunderbird, I
think. It could easily be replaced by a simple text material
explaining free software, with links to the respective download pages
for those projects (and other projects) and/or a link to the open disc

I'd be interested to hear other opinions but isn't the install CD
generally downloaded or ordered by people wanting to install Ubuntu? I
imagine that there is a certain amount of sentimental attachment to
the Windows FOSS section but I also think it would be at least worth a
discussion to evaluate how useful it is (especially now it is so

Matthew East
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