Seen on Zdnet: "Will the latest Ubuntu distro finally provide a mainstream Windows alternative?"

Jan Claeys lists at
Tue Apr 17 21:28:51 BST 2007

Op dinsdag 17-04-2007 om 12:11 uur [tijdzone -0400], schreef Scott:
> Why is the media always so extreamly critical of Linux?  If these 
> writers used the same critical views with Windows it would not even
> seem viable to be used on a computer, any computer.
> It is because of people like this I would have been using Linux a
> decade ago , not only two years ago.  I can still remember what I
> expected when I first used Linux, I was expecting a basic Unix command
> line. 

That's basically what you would have got, a decade ago...  ;-)

Jan Claeys

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