Seen on Zdnet: "Will the latest Ubuntu distro finally provide a mainstream Windows alternative?"

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Apr 17 18:35:46 BST 2007

jarrodhenry at wrote:

> To be truthful, Scott, I was using Linux ten years ago.  

So was I. 

> Linux only has 
> been very "kind" to non-geeks very recently.  Back ten years ago, we
> seemed to be a different lot.

In either 97 or 98 I installed Corel Linux.  It was fairly primitive
compared to what I have now, but it was recognizably the same Linux that I
use now.  In fact, I used apt-get to upgrade from Corel to Debian to

> Many of us were in college, the mood was 
> very antagonistic towards microsoft. The software was not nearly the level
> it was at now, in fact ,  the video card that I had required a paid X
> server.   The software support wasn't there, KDE was not nearly what it
> was today, and there weren't many speakable applications.

I could still do almost everything with it that I was doing with Win 97. 
You had to be _very_ careful about buying your hardware though.

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