New Launchpad look and feel

john levin john at
Wed Apr 4 15:29:14 BST 2007

Peter Whittaker wrote:
> Perhaps I am a curmudgeony dinosaur, but I find the new look of
> Launchpad much harder on the eyes. The previous version was, IMHO,
> cleaner, easier to read, easier to scan, and made it easier to find
> desired content.

File bugs. You've picked up on a number of usability issues, and they're 
deserving of attention.

> Is there a CSS we can use to "get the old way"?

Don't know; I can't see a way of changing the default layout as you can 
with the wiki.
I think this is a really important bug; people have different 
requirements (screen readers, text browsers, smaller monitors) and there 
should be some way of customizing the layout to suit these needs.


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