Thought - Delay auto-updates of software to reduce downtime

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Wed Sep 20 01:25:01 BST 2006

On Tue, Sep 19, 2006 at 01:38:18AM -0500, Brandon Holtsclaw said:
> 1) Now how do you tell a user there is a fix in the archives but they cant 
> have it becouse the updates are stagered 
> 2) once the "users" or most anyone finds out they can change this setting they 
> have been branded to "always run the latest stable" and thus will lower the 
> update threshhold to the minimum right away 
> 3) #2 would then create a false sense of "cushion" for those that push the 
> updates thinking it will potentialy only affect N users if something is bad 
> but in reality 80% or better has lowered their threshold to get the update 
> right away.

This is a solved problem.  Lots of companies have updates for specific
problems that are in the testing pipeline, but are cleared to give out
to customers having the specific problem.  So what you say to this
customer is:

"Ok, sir, we've got a fix for that which hasn't finished testing, but I
can give it to you to see if it fixes things for you.  What's your email
address, and I'll send you the exact commands for you to cut-and-paste
to get this file and load it?"

Followed by an email that says to open a terminal window, run wget, and
then sudo the package manager to load the patch.  Ideally follow with
the commands to make sure the right package is loaded and to test to see
if the problem has gone away.

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